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Since 1930, Telega was famous for its baths (Baths Telega). Around these baths developed Spas. Physico-chemical characteristics of Lake Central Telega, high concentration of salt (sodium chloride and others) and water stability confer therapeutic measures for diseases of the locomotory as follows: degenerative rheumatism telegaevents, including arthrosis (gonartroza, cocsartroza, events arthrosis at the spine) and periarticulare (periarthritis the shoulder, hip, knee, scholarships, trend), post-traumatic sequelae, painful syndromes of neurological, gynecological diseases (Annex cystic sclerosis, impotence), peripheral vascular disease: arteriopatie grill - stage I and II, venous-lymphatic insufficiency (varicose members to lower lymphatic edema) conditions of the upper airway (rhinitis, rinosinuzită, pharyngitis) or chronic bronchitis.


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