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Nicolae Grigorescu Museum is willing to approximately 400 m from the Guesthouse Villa Nina. Painter Nicolae Grigorescu lived in this house later years: 1904 - 1907, here is the last or workshop. He retired to his life here with all the family - his wife Maria Danciu and son, George. He chose this city for its patriarchal air and especially the grigorescusurroundings of an outstanding beauty: the banks Prahova surrounded by hills covered by specific vegetation, endless blue sky, elements that we encounter often in his works from this period. House, built just the artist, the killers burned during World War because, unfortunately, there was established the German Headquarters responsible for the entire region, so that, near the end of the war, a huge fire destroyed it completely. Some objects, especially those on the ground floor could be saved, which made possible the reconstruction of the most important rooms (studio, living room, library). Could not save anything but the upstairs bedrooms, so it was impossible for their reconstruction. Reconstitution was carried out between 1954 - 1955 and the memorial museum (ground floor and first floor) was made available to the public in 1957. The vast majority of the objects belonged to the family here, the rest were purchased from private collections. Reconstruction was carried out under the guidance of the artist's son, photographs of the artist's lifetime is very helpful. Reconstruction plans were developed by architect Câmpineanul - Popisteanu while Nae Guage, sculptor and former lover of Grigorescu's apprentice for many years, helped along by George Grigorescu, son of the artist as faithfully restore the building.


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