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Iulia Hasdeu Castle is about 400 m from Guesthouse Villa Nina. Is known as the popular "Spirit Temple". Here, in Campina, Romanian writer and historian Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu built between 1893 and 1896 that the palace dedicated to the memory of his daughter. In 1888, at age 19, Julia died of tuberculoze. Legend says that often rhasdeuetreated Hasdeu his residence at Campina to communicate through spiritualism, with his daughter. Above the main entrance is the inscription "E pur si muove." Julia Hasdeu name stays etched on each of the two seats of stone in the castle, and in the middle of the building is a painted wood sculpture of Jesus Christ, made by French artist Casciany. Behind her, seated Julia Hasdeu bust.
It was inaugurated on 2 July 1897, is open to the public during his life Hasdeu. Following his death the heirs tests to determine the authorities to open a museum, thus fulfilling the wish of his testamentary Hasdeu, failed. After World War I museum was opened for free visiting. He was employed specialized personnel in 1932 and abandoned in 1947. Network recovers museum in 1958 after an intervention of Parliament George Calinescu. The building is an architectural monument, built between 1894 - 1897 by Hasdeu's plans and was later restored in 1962-1965, 1980 and after 1990. Exhibition recovered documents related cultural history of the great scholar life and work: family photos, documents, manuscripts, furniture and personal items that belonged to Hasdeu and daughter, Julia (about 300 exhibits), ancient books, and paintings of Julia Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu and Hasdeu; Hasdeu's archives, drawings of the castle Iulia Hasdeu, first editions of works Hasdeu's (1838 - 1907) and Julia Hasdeu (1869 - 1888).


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