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The monastery is located in the hearth Brebu village in Prahova, near the river Doftana, about 9 km from Guesthouse Villa Nina. This is one of the most important architectural achievements of the reign of Matei Basarab and Romanian art of the eighteenth century. Minster that architecture is similar to the Monastery Dealu large brebu(30 x 10 m), built on a plan triconical a tower above the nave and two smaller on the narthex, with thick walls and brick 2 m and burnt stone. Exterior decoration is typical of the Romanian country churches, poor, only two registers are decorative niches and a belt of stone on top, and window and door frames, which are made by master Lupu (probably a master brought in Moldova) and reproduce Moldovan late Gothic models. The interior decoration is of the nineteenth century (1843), with restoration of temple and altar painting, the work of Sava Hentia between 1901-1902. Princely houses are, like architecture, specific age. Construction is similar to that stored at Plumbuita, relatively large size (11.80 x 30.20 m) consists of 9 rooms and a dining room, all communicating with each other. Basement is composed of two vaulted cellars, Access in them making it through a garlic over which was placed an arbor. Access tower within the complex is large, one of the most beautiful and best preserved building of its kind in our country. It lies on the southern side of the enclosure, having a floor and three floors overlooking the height (about 20 m) around moreover a purpose and that the construction is the observation pavilion. The first two floors are provided with battlements for firearms and the third used as a bell, is open to all parties. Part of the internal walls of the tower was repainted by Sava Hentia. The wall with a height of 6 m, has an irregular octagonal. It is made of stone and burnt brick, being provided with battlements on fire. Under these ramparts can still see traces of a wooden watch road today disappeared. Cells and annex buildings were located on the west side of the enclosure, today is missing entirely, where their existence is marked at the restoration completed in 1963.


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